ISO 22000:2005


ISO 22000:2005 is associated with food safety management system. Due to increase in demand of food quality measures and safety standards this certificate holds an important place. In 2001 ISO introduced this new standard based on Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) as standard to ensure safety measures are followed in food industry. The principles made under this standard are globally accepted and followed.

By integrating multiple principals, methodologies and applications, ISO 22000 is easier to understand, apply and recognize. That makes it more efficient and effective as an entry-to-market tool than previous combinations of national standards.


 ISO 22000:2005 is globally accepted and recognized

 It gives clear direction about how to maintain quality in food industry

 Ensures food safety throughout the food chain

 ISO 22000 provides interactive communication, internationally and across the supply chain

 ISO 22000 standards help in overall process control